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How Martin Wong Uses Video Husky to Share Consistent Content to His Almost 300,000 Fans

From Twitter to Twitch, photographer-turned-creator Martin Wong is constantly turning around content. Here’s how Video Husky helps him make it possible.

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How Video Husky Helped One Creator Bring A Fresh Perspective To Her Creative Process

Even the most creative people sometimes get stuck in a rut. Find out how collaborating with Video Husky can bring a fresh perspective.

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Eric Thayne

How Eric Thayne Produced Hollywood-Caliber Videos at Scale With Video Husky

Director/entrepreneur Eric Thayne used Video Husky to turn around video edits faster than he expected.

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Michael Chalberg - KORONA POS

This SaaS Company Outsourced Video Editing, Now They’re Producing 4-5x More Videos a Month

Find video editing a chore? Read this article to learn how a point of sale software company outsourced this work to increase its output.

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Cassandra Thompson

How a Collaborative Approach to Video Editing Transformed a Career Coach’s YouTube Channel

Looking to improve the quality of your YouTube videos without putting in hours of extra work? Find out how Video Husky editors take initiative so customers can focus on what they do best.

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How Outsourcing Video Editing Cured Production Headaches For This Cloud-Services Company

Having problems making videos for your business? Discover how this Irish cloud company cured their production headaches with Video Husky.

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How This Niche eCommerce Business Erased the Stress of Editing With Video Husky

Want to scale up video production but have zero editing expertise? Learn how Video Husky's streamlined process slotted seamlessly into Skullsplitter Dice’s content creation system.

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How Donnie Gardner’s Boston Terrier Society YouTube Channel Achieved 131,000 Views in 2 Months By Outsourcing Video Editing

Looking for quick success on YouTube with zero video editing skills? Find out how one dog owner's channel blew up after two months of working with Video Husky.

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Monte Weaver, YouTuber

How This Digital Strategist Increased Video Production While Saving 40 Hours a Month With Video Husky

Looking to grow your YouTube channel but need help with video editing? Read this article to learn how a digital strategist scaled production while saving time by outsourcing video editing.

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Goalcast/ Cyusa Kamoso

How This Personal Development Powerhouse Enhanced Their YouTube Presence in a Few Weeks with Video Husky

Looking to improve your long-form content on Youtube without hiring a freelancer? Read this article to find out why outsourcing the editing to Video Husky exceeded the expectations of everybody at Goalcast - from the CEO to the scriptwriter.

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Josh McNair, California Through My Lens

How A Top Travel Vlogger Streamlined His Editing Process With Video Husky

Video Husky helped filmmaker and travel blogger Josh McNair streamline his editing process. As a result, Josh has more time to focus on getting the shots he needs.

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Higher Marketing Education Strategies: Michael Blankenship

Higher Education Marketing Strategies: How One Institution’s Marketing Director Quadrupled Video Production by Outsourcing Editing

Looking for higher education marketing strategies to increase your institution's visibility? Then read this article learn how one director of marketing made an impact using video.

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Outsourcing Video Editing Services: A Complete Guide on How to Find a Good Video Editor

Love making videos, but hate editing them? Then, consider outsourcing video editing services to someone else. Read this article to learn how to do it.

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