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Our Clients' Results

Goalcast 2.55M Subscribers Edited 35 Videos in 5 Months
“With Video Husky, now I can just close my eyes and it’s done.”
California Through My Lens 273K Subscribers Edited 273 Videos in 48 Months
“The amount of content that I’m able to produce makes it worth the money.”
- Josh McNair
Martin Wong 123K Followers Edited 248 Videos in 41 Months
"I love working with Video Husky because not only to save time, but also the pricing structure is very reasonable. But I love how easy it is for me to communicate with my editor using a note or system or platform."
Eric Thayne 30.4K Subscribers Edited 16 Videos in 8 Months
“I got paired up with one of your editors. …And then he got things done really fast. And then when he got it done, it was always like exactly what I had described…he would hit this out of the park every time honestly.”
Boston Terrier Society 29.4k Subscribers Edited 144 Videos in 14 Months
"With Video Husky, I am now with 131,000 views just in two months, when that took me almost a year before."
Monte Weaver 23.4K Subscribers Edited 93 Videos in 17 Months
"All of my new video content, I directly attribute to Video Husky because I know that I am not editing anymore."
Ferdy Korpershoek 256k Subscribers Edited 131 Videos in 27 Months
“Since I used Video Husky, I can just send all my video and audio files to them, they send it back within 48 hours, but then totally edited.”
Measureschool 148k Subscribers Edited 12 videos in 1.5 months
“They have a great process behind it, they have top-notch quality and they are able to edit my videos in consistent basis.”
Emily Hayden 83.7k Subscribers Edited 41 Videos in 8 Months
"I know that I can count on editors to be extremely timely, efficient and produce high-quality materials."
Owen Video 64.8k subscribers Edited 50 Videos in 9 Months
“...When you add Video Husky into your daily workflow you know like I wake up I check my email, I check my Video Husky, you are going to have like a new video or in front of you like every other day of the week. And that is so powerful.”

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Compare packages All packages come with a 14 day money back guarantee.

Pom package


$549 /month

Perfect for those getting started

Package features

  • 20GB raw footage
  • 30 mins raw footage
  • 1080p resolution
  • 10 mins final export
  • 1 main + 3 micro
  • Unlimited
  • 10 hours weekly editor time
  • Captions

Project types

  • Short form (TikTok, Reels, Shorts)
  • Social media ads & marketing
  • Real estate tours
  • Talking head videos
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Eskimo package


$749 /month

For basic editing help without freelancer hassle.

Package features

  • 40GB raw footage
  • 60 mins raw footage
  • 1080p resolution
  • 20 mins final export
  • 1 main + 3 micro exports
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 10 hours weekly editor time
  • Premium music by Epidemic Sound

Project types

  • Short form (TikTok, Reels, Shorts)
  • Social media ads & marketing
  • Real estate tours
  • Talking heads
  • Event highlights
  • Interview & talkshow
  • Podcast episodes
  • Complex vlogs
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Siberian package


1549 /month

For advanced editing help without a full-time editor.

Package features

  • 100GB raw footage
  • 120 mins raw footage
  • 4K resolution
  • 30 mins final export
  • 1 main + 8 micro exports
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 20 hours weekly editor time
  • Team sync calls
  • Premium music by Epidemic Sound
  • YouTube thumbnails

Project types

  • Short form (TikTok, Reels, Shorts)
  • Social media ads & marketing
  • Real estate tours
  • Talking heads
  • Event highlights
  • Interview & talkshow
  • Podcast episodes
  • Complex vlogs
  • Webinar online courses
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Need a custom editing solution bigger than these packages?

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packages All packages come with a 14 day money back guarantee.


$549 /month

For basic editing help without freelancer hassles.


$749 /month

For those needing to up their production value at an affordable cost.


$1549 /month

For advanced editing help without a full-time editor.

Need a custom editing solution bigger than these packages?

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Package features
Max raw file size per brief 20GB 40GB 100GB
Max run time (raw footage) 30 minutes 60 minutes 120 minutes
Resolution 1080p 1080p 4K
Final export running time 10 mins 20 mins 30 minutes
Total exports per brief 1 main + 3 micro 1 main + 5 micro 1 main + 8 micro
Revisions per brief Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Editor time (per week) 10 hours 10 hours 20 hours
Team sync calls
Premium music by Epidemic Sound
YouTube thumbnails
Project types
Short form (TikTok, Reels, Shorts)
Social media ads & marketing
Real estate tours
Talking heads
Event highlights
Interview & talkshow
Podcast episodes
Complex vlogs
Webinar online courses

What they say about us

Example videos

See what other content creators have produced with us...

See what video editing we offer

Video Husky lets you spend more time doing what you love – creating amazing content.

There's no denying. Editing videos is often so tedious, it makes you feel like you're staring at the clock in a 2-hour school exam... but it's annoyingly necessary.

Your content deserves great editing, but spending hours doing it yourself sucks.

You didn't get into content creation for this...

You should be able to focus on giving value to your audience, without the shadow of an unfinished pile of footage looming over you.

If you're already stuck on a hamster wheel trying to get caught up, with too much footage to edit and not enough time to get through it all… it'll seem like there's no way out.

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There is a better way


Finally releasing the overwhelming pressure of having to go through your editing backlog

Having more freedom to explore the creative ideas bubbling-up inside your head

How much more value your audience could get from your new ideas

Not having to worry about editing and just doing the fun side of content creation!

Just a moment.

Let's break down our simple process to video editing here at Video Husky.

Wanna know how Video Husky works? Here's how

Upload your footage

Offload your assets to us

Join Video Husky and send us your footage and editing instructions in minutes.

Upload your footage

Get your first draft in 1-3 business days

97.5% of video requests take 2 business days or less to edit so you can focus on filming more! Depends on complexity.

Upload your footage

Request any revisions, then start your next project!

Share any feedback with your editor. Once you're happy, we'll start your next video.

Why creators like Wolters World (700k+ subscribers) trust us to connect with their vision

We know from talking with many content creators, that the biggest frustration with hiring professional video editing services, is finding a freelance or in-house editor or who can understand your content.

At Video Husky, our editors have hands-on experience connecting with the visions of successful content creators.

Your editing team will use this experience to quickly grasp your style, so together we can take your content to the next level.

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What they say about us

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All the benefits of getting your video editing done for you, without having to hire or rely on a freelance or full-time editor.

Hiring an editor is not as simple as just paying them once each month and letting them do the work for you.

Many creators have to go through a few different editors before they find one who's decent enough to keep on.

That's after:

How would you feel about having to go through all of that?...


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Simple 3-step solution to outsource editing

Be assigned a handpicked, pre-vetted professional editing team on your needs

Regain momentum through letting us take the headaches out of finding good freelance video editors by assigning you a handpicked professional editor based on the kinds of videos that you need to have edited to pick from so you can build chemistry for the get-go.

Systematize your post-production workflow with video proofing

Frustrated by missing files and miscommunication? Relax knowing that you submit, revise, and download videos all from one place while using our Video Proofing tool to leave feedback directly on the video to avoid mistakes that eat up additional time and effort.

Submit as many requests as you’d like.

Got a huge backlog of videos? Fill out and send over as many briefing forms as you would like. We’ll work on one active project at a time.

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What our customers say about us

Justin Tan

About team Husky

I'm Justin, the founder of Video Husky.

I spent months editing my own videos as the owner of a Facebook marketing business. After hiring and firing a few editors, there was no other solution - I had to just keep on editing.

Until I discovered a simple video editing set-up, that allows businesses to produce on-brand videos, without having to do their own editing or even go out and hire a freelance editor.

Now, we've worked with over 2000 video creators having produced over 32,000 videos!

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Everything you need to get your video editing done

Your own editing team

Ease the pressure of your editing workload. An editor AND account manager will be at your disposal to handle ALL your video editing.

Project dashboard

Your online account where you can create a video projects queue, and communicate with your editing team. Everything in one place so you don't have to worry about it.

Unlimited project requests

Increase your capacity to release more content. We'll work through all your videos one-by-one. All we need is your feedback every now and then.

1-3 days first draft turnaround

97.5% of video requests take 2 business days or less to edit so you can focus on filming more!

Video proofing tool

Get every video frame right. Tap on an area of your video to quickly give specific revision instructions to your editor.

200gb free cloud storage

200gb free cloud storage

In case you don't have your own cloud storage solution, we offer 200GB of complimentary storage space on Google Drive.

200gb free cloud storage

Private Slack channel

Speak with your Project Manager in private as needed to ensure ZERO miscommunication.

200gb free cloud storage

Video assets included

StoryBlocks & MotionArray are included in all packages as well as the ability to export your Premiere Pro Project Files!

200gb free cloud storage

14 day money back guarantee

Your happiness is our priority so in case things don't go your way, we'll refund you no questions asked.

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What they say about us

Smart questions people like you have asked before freeing themselves from the burden of editing.

How many videos can I produce per month?

The number of videos you can complete in the course of a month depends on certain factors, including their complexity as well as your decision to request additional rounds of revision.

Conservatively speaking, our clients get 4 to 6 video projects completed per month on average.

If your videos are particularly complex or need a lot of editing, this will affect how many videos we can produce for you.

Once your editor gets a feel for your style and you grow trust in their creative judgment, the amount you can produce each month can increase.

What type of videos and editing do you do?

Apart from Wedding Videos, Animations, and Recording Voice Overs, we can do any type of video editing for you!

How fast is the turnaround?

You'll often get your first draft within 1-3 business days. Unless your videos are particularly long or complex and in those cases, we’ll inform you why the turnaround might be longer.

Revisions almost always take just 1 day.

You could get multiple videos edited at the same time if you work with more than one editor.

Can I work with more than one editor?

If you'd like a number of videos worked on simultaneously by multiple editors, then you can purchase an additional account. Simply tell one of our sales reps and they’ll set you up during your demo call.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions about becoming a customer, the best way to get the answers you're looking for is via our on-site chat icon.

When you join Video Husky, your account manager will be your main point of contact and will look after all of your projects.

If you need help with your account, for example updating your card details, then just shoot us an email at success@videohusky.com.

Are your editors in-house or freelance?

All of our editors are in-house professionals who are regularly assessed for quality and efficiency. As part of the hiring process, they go through a rigorous bootcamp where their creative and editing skills are tested.

How does the 'unlimited' offer work?

On the Eskimo Plan, revisions are unlimited so you can request as many as you’d like. The Pom plan, meanwhile, has a limit of 3 revisions per project.

On both plans, you can submit as many video requests as you’d like. But it’s important to note that we work on one video at a time.

You can queue as many video projects as you like and as soon as we’ve completed one project for you, we’ll get started on the next one right away.

If you’d like multiple videos worked on simultaneously, then you can purchase an additional editing team on retainer.

What video editing software do you use?

We use Adobe Premiere Pro. We also can provide you with the Premiere Project file if you prefer to add some finishing touches to your videos on your side.

Do you work with 4K?

Yes we can on our new, by request, package called Siberian.

On the Pom and Eskimo plans, we can only render final videos in 1080p. If you’ve filmed 4k footage, we can edit it if you can provide us with proxy files or we can do a cloud conversion to 1080p.

Most of our customers submit proxy files so it’s easier to upload, download, and work with their editor. In those cases, we can also submit the Premiere Project Files back to you so you can link all the final videos.

Can we have multiple exports out from one main source video?

Yes, we can definitely do that! Most customers have this request.

You can request one main export (formatted in 16:9 aspect ratio for widescreen viewing) and depending on the plan up to 3 to 8 additional bonus exports. Review our pricing page to see how many exports you can get per plan.

Is there a limit on the raw files I can submit?

For the Pom Plan, we can accept a maximum of 20GB of raw footage and assets per project. For the Eskimo Plan, we can accept a maximum of 40GB, and on the Siberian 100GB

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You'll love Video Husky if...

You're stuck in a bottleneck with too much footage and no way to get it all edited

You're tired of grinding away on the back-end work of producing videos

You feel like a child again when you do creatives and you want to do more

You have ideas for game-changing content that you're dying to release

You want to give more value and improve the lives of your audience

Looking at your pile of footage to edit, you're worried about burning out

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How much time do you save with Video Husky?

You save hundreds of collective hours by not doing your own video editing:

Color correction
Fixing audio
Adding subtitles

You save countless hours by not doing it the old-fashioned way with freelancers or full-time editors:


Imagine not doing ANY of the above while STILL producing on-brand videos you can be proud of...

Not only that, but then getting your content published on a consistent basis…

Other content creators will want to know how you do it!

With Video Husky, you’ll be up-and-running with a full video editing team. And when you are, you reap the rewards:

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