How Video Creators Have 10+ Videos Edited Per Month Right First Time

How great would it be if DROPPING your whole video editing workload, was actually a way to release MORE on-brand content, MORE consistently?

Get your videos edited 14 day money-back guarantee

Video Husky's unlimited video editing service lets you spend more time doing what you love – creating amazing content.

There's no denying. Editing videos is often so tedious, it makes you feel like you're staring at the clock in a 2-hour school exam... but it's annoyingly necessary.

Your content deserves great editing, but spending hours doing it yourself sucks.

You didn't get into content creation for this...

You should be able to focus on giving value to your audience, without the shadow of an unfinished pile of footage looming over you.

If you're already stuck on a hamster wheel trying to get caught up, with too much footage to edit and not enough time to get through it all… it'll seem like there's no way out.

There is a better way


Finally releasing the overwhelming pressure of having to go through your editing backlog

Having more freedom to explore the creative ideas bubbling-up inside your head

How much more value your audience could get from your new ideas

Not having to worry about editing and just doing the fun side of content creation!

Just a moment.

First, let's break down what unlimited video editing really is.

Unlimited video editing - as simple as it sounds

How it works

You upload your assets to a professional, pre-vetted editor. They edit as many videos, and make as many revisions to your videos, as you like - all for just ONE flat monthly payment.

Compare that to when you hire a freelance editor, where you're restricted by:

And... you normally have to pay extra just to increase these limits!

With unlimited video editing, you get everything you need for a small monthly flat-fee.

Upload your footage

Offload your assets to us

Join Video Husky and send us your footage and editing instructions in minutes.

Upload your footage

Get your first draft in 1-2 business days

While we edit your video, you can finally put this time to better use.

Upload your footage

Request any revisions, then start your next project!

share any feedback with your editor. Once you're happy, we'll start your next video.

Introducing Video Husky: where content creators come to hand over their video editing chores (shh!..)

We do unlimited video editing, so you can:

With Video Husky, you don't just get an editor working on your videos… your own editing team handles your whole workload for you.

Your pre-vetted, fully-trained editor will be doing your editing and your personal account manager will oversee your video projects - so you don't have to worry about them.

They'll make sure your projects are done on time and that your videos are of a quality you can be proud of.

"Our videos get turned around really really fast, which means I can get ahead a lot quicker."

Cassandra Thompson

"One of the best things about it is that when you're working with an editor in the Philippines, I would send footage Monday afternoon and then go to bed, and wake up in the morning Tuesday, to and edited video."

Eric Thayne

"All of my new video content, I directly attribute to Video Husky because I know that I am not editing anymore."

Monte Weaver

"I felt that we've been growing together. Now, I can send pretty much whatever project and I know the expectation."

Goalcast - Cyusa Kamoso

"I love working with Video Husky because not only I save time, but pricing structure is reasonable, but I love how easy it is for me to communicate with my editor using their system, their platform."

Martin Wong

"With Video Husky, I am now with 131,000 views just in two months, when that took me almost a year before."

Donnie Gardner

Why creators like YouTube verified FUNG BROS (2M+ subscribers), trust us to connect with their vision.

We know from talking with many content creators, that the biggest frustration with hiring a freelance or full-time editor, is finding one who can understand your content.

At Video Husky, our editors and account managers (who used to be trained editors themselves), have hands-on experience connecting with the visions of successful content creators.

Your editing team will use this experience to quickly grasp your style, so together we can take your content to the next level.

All the benefits of getting your video editing done for you, without having to hire or rely on a freelance or full-time editor.

Hiring an editor is not as simple as just paying them once each month and letting them do the work for you.

Many creators have to go through a few different editors before they find one who's decent enough to keep on.

That's after:

How would you feel about having to go through all of that?...


Choose between two handpicked, pre-vetted professional editors

Tired of overpaying sub-par video editors who take too long? Regain momentum through letting us take the headaches out of finding good freelance video editors by assigning you two handpicked, professional editors based on the kinds of videos that you need to have edited to pick from so you can build chemistry for the get-go.

Systematize your post-production workflow with video proofing

Frustrated by missing files and miscommunication? Relax knowing that you submit, revise, and download videos all from one place while using our Video Proofing tool to leave feedback directly on the video to avoid mistakes that eat up additional time and effort.

Submit unlimited 1-2 business day requests and revisions

Stressed out from constantly following up on non-responsive freelancers? Gain peace of mind by allowing your account manager and editor supervisor ensure that drafts are delivered within 1-2 business days.

See what other business owners have produced with us...

See what video editing we offer
Justin Tan

About team Husky

I'm Justin, the founder of Video Husky.

I spent months editing my own videos as the owner of a Facebook marketing business. After hiring and firing a few editors, there was no other solution - I had to just keep on editing.

Until I discovered a simple video editing set-up, that allows businesses to produce on-brand videos, without having to do their own editing or even go out and hire a freelance editor.

Now, we have over 100 video creators working with our happy team of 30+ professionals!

Everything you need to get your video editing done for you

Your own editing team

Ease the pressure of your editing workload. An editor AND account manager will be at your disposal to handle ALL your video editing.

Project dashboard

Your online account where you can create a video projects queue, and communicate with your editing team. Everything in one place so you don't have to worry about it.

Unlimited videos and edits

Increase your capacity to release more content. We'll work through all your videos one-by-one. All we need is your feedback every now and then.

1-2 days first draft turnaround

Comfortably keep to your content schedule. While we're working on your video, you finally have time for more important things.

Video proofing tool

Get every video frame right. Tap on an area of your video to quickly give specific revision instructions to your editor.

Free YouTube/Vimeo uploading

Don't waste time publishing your videos. If you have a YouTube Business or Vimeo Pro account, we'll publish your videos for you!

100GB free cloud storage

100GB free cloud storage

In case you don't have your own cloud storage solution, we offer 100GB of complimentary storage space on OneDrive.

Upload up to 30GB raw footage

Upload up to 30GB raw footage

That with your instructions, we'll turn into your vision. Have more than 30GB? Turnaround for a first draft will be 3-5 business days.

Create videos up to 30 minutes long

You get up to 30 minutes of footage edited as part of subscription. With most freelancers you need to pay extra for videos this long.

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"Since I use Video Husky, I can send all my video and audio files to them, and they send it back within 48 hours totally edited. They remove all the faults for me so I can focus on creating tutorials"

"Since using Video Husky I can now get back to the things I was supposed to be doing. And it really just helped me with clarity, and we're able to deliver better videos because I'm not spending as much time editing." Brady Winder,

We make sure you never have to edit another video again

Here's how...

We'll edit all your videos for you in a monthly or quarterly subscription (quarterly you get 1 month free!).

With your own editing team, as well as our friendly customer support team, there'll always be someone to help if you need us.

You'll have a streamlined video creation process running for you like clockwork, while you're enjoying your freedom to create.

Plus, you have access to these features that you don't get anywhere else!

Project manager & editor

Hand over your heavy workload and ease the pressure.

First draft in 1-2 days

Comfortably hit tight deadlines. Take on more and better projects.

Unlimited videos & edits

Release more content, more consistently, with a smoother video creation process.

Project dashboard

Get more clarity by easily overseeing all your projects in one place.

Video proofing tool

Get every video frame right on the money with our tap-and-comment feature.

YouTube/Vimeo upload

We'll upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo for you, for free.

Instantly relieve the overwhelming pressure video editing is putting on you

Try us out risk-free for 14 days! If you happen to miss editing your own videos, just drop us an email to and we'll refund 100% of your money back - no questions asked.

Smart questions people like you have asked before freeing themselves from the burden of editing.

How unlimited is "unlimited"?

How many videos we edit for you is totally unlimited, as are revisions to those video edits. We work on one video at a time so you get the quality you want with minimal back-and-forth.

How many videos can I produce per month?

It depends on the complexity and length of your videos. Simple videos with a basic format work best. Some of our customers produce 12 videos per month - which works out at just $34.38 per video!

What type of videos and editing do you do?

Apart from Wedding Videos, Animations, and Recording Voice Overs, we can do any type of video editing for you!

How fast is the turnaround?

You'll always get your first draft within 1-2 business days. Unless your videos are particularly long or complex.

If you upload over 30GB worth of footage, then the first draft turnaround will be 3-5 business days to account for time to download and review the footage.

Revisions almost always take just 1 day.

You could get multiple videos edited at the same time if you work with more than one editor.

Can I work with more than one editor?

If you'd like a number of videos worked on simultaneously by multiple editors, then you can create extra accounts that come with a 15% recurring discount. Simply add your other accounts onto your purchase at the checkout page.

Your account manager will oversee all your editors, so you only need to communicate with one person.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions about becoming a customer, the best way to get the answers you're looking for is via our on-site chat icon.

When you join Video Husky, your account manager will be your main point of contact and will look after all of your projects.

If you need help with your account, for example updating your card details, then you can easily contact us on your account dashboard.

Are your editors in-house or freelance?

All of our editors are in-house professionals who are regularly assessed for quality and efficiency.

How does the 'unlimited' offer work?

Revisions are unlimited so you can request as many as you'd like.

As are video requests. But it's important to note that we work on one video at a time. As soon as we've completed one project for you, you're able to submit your next video request and you can repeat this process as many times as you need.

If you'd like multiple videos worked on simultaneously, then you can create multiple accounts that come with a 15% recurring discount. Simply add your other accounts on to your purchase at the checkout page. Or to find out more, speak to one of our friendly team members through the chat icon.

What video editing software do you use?

We use Adobe Premiere Pro for our main editing and After Effects for lower thirds and templates. We also provide Premiere Project File, so it's more convenient for you if ever you want to add some finishing touches on your end.

Do you work with 4K?

Absolutely! Most of our customers submit proxy files so it's easier to upload, download, and to work with their editor. We also submit the Premiere Project Files back to you so you can link all the final videos.

Can we have multiple exports out from one main source video?

Yes, we can definitely do that! Most of our customers request to do so.

Majority of these are Facebook and Instagram format, where we export the final video into 1:1 aspect ratio. We can also add a title on top of the screen and subtitles at the bottom.

Is there a limit on the raw files I can submit?

There are no limits on how many raw files you can submit to us.

However, it's worth noting that if your total files are more than 30GB, the turnaround time for your first draft will be 3-5 business days. This is because it'll take more time for your editor to review and download all the files.

You'll love Video Husky if...

You're stuck in a bottleneck with too much footage and no way to get it all edited

You're tired of grinding away on the back-end work of producing videos

You feel like a child again when you do creatives and you want to do more

You have ideas for game-changing content that you're dying to release

You want to give more value and improve the lives of your audience

Looking at your pile of footage to edit, you're worried about burning out

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"A friend recommended Husky, and I was very hesitant to try because I'm an editor myself and I should be the one editing my videos. Now, I can double the amount of projects I do in a year. I can speed up the process of editing my smaller projects and I can focus on creating more" Red Axe Media

"Since using Video Husky I can now get back to the things I was supposed to be doing. And it really just helped me with clarity, and we're able to deliver better videos because I'm not spending as much time editing." Brady Winder,

Join hundreds of other video creators like you who no longer have to edit their own videos

How much time do you save with Video Husky?

You save hundreds of collective hours by not doing your own video editing:

Color grading
Fixing audio
Adding subtitles

You save countless hours by not doing it the old-fashioned way with freelancers or full-time editors:


Imagine not doing ANY of the above while STILL producing on-brand videos you can be proud of...

Not only that, but getting out MORE videos, MORE consistently...

Other content creators will want to know how you do it!

You can be up-and-running with Video Husky in minutes. And when you are, you reap the rewards:

Try us out risk-free for 14 days!

What have you got to lose?

You're free to drop us a refund request to anytime in your first 14 days, and we'll refund 100% of your money back - no questions asked.