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Ed Arriola, Let’s Go Tours

It’s a real relief for me, because I don’t have a marketing division. So I’m more than willing to work with Video Husky who: 1. Can save me a lot of money, and 2. Can turn my vision on paper into something extremely nice.

Brady Winder, Carrot.com

Since using Video Husky I can now get back to the things I was supposed to be doing. And it really just helped me with clarity, and we’re able to deliver better videos because I’m not spending as much time editing.

Hector Patrick, Digital Marketing Gorilla

The quality of the videos is top-notch. Generally speaking you get the edits back within 2 days… a lot of the time it’s 1 day. And there’s not a lot of revisions that need to be done.

Martijn Reintjes – Team Croco

I love the process, it's super easy. Video Husky is highly recommended.

Brendan Hsu – Aerial Canvas

They have a really good system and their turnaround time is on point. Definitely, definitely recommend.

Sam Lister, Bl_nk Slate Media

Video Husky gives me the capacity to produce the amount of videos I need to scale.

Amy Feierman, MommyIncome.com

I was able to produce a 50 video course which would have usually taken me 12 months. And it just wouldn't have happened before Video Husky.

Axel Arzola, ALM/Scout, Red Axe Media

With Video Husky I can speed up the process of editing my smaller projects and I can focus on creating more.

Michael Blankenship, Northeastern Seminary

Video Husky has increased our capacity, by allowing us to produce new videos and content at a higher rate than we could ever do alone.

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