Follow these steps and never edit another video on your own again

Choose your monthly or semi-annual subscription

You don't have to worry whether you're getting the most value - we give you everything you need for one flat-fee. You can also choose from a range of production enhancing add-ons, including subtitles, unlimited thumbnails and more.

Your personal account manager & professional editor will handle your projects for you

Once you've signed-up, your account manager will introduce themselves and connect you with your editor. Your PM will be your main point of contact and will keep you updated on the status of your projects.

Complete your personal bio

Give your editor and account manager all the information they need to understand you and your content goals. They can use this to create videos that best represent your brand.

See your new Project Dashboard

You'll be able to create your account on Wrike. Here you can submit your video projects and see their live status, communicate with your editing team, and use the video proofing tool.

Send us your Video Request Form to start your first project

Share a link to your footage and type the editing instructions into the form. You can also include example videos to help us get the look and feel you want.

We'll take up to 30GB of footage off your hands and turn it into your vision

Have more than 30GB? Turnaround for a first draft will be 3-5 business days, to allow more time to download and review your footage. Simply include the additional footage in your Video Request Form.

You'll get your first draft in just 1-2 business days

While your personal editing team is happily working away in the background, you can focus clearly on doing the things that are important to you. Then your PM will quality-check your video before uploading it to your account.

Easily sync-up your video with your exact vision using our video proofing tool

When you're watching your first video draft, you can tap on any area of the video to open-up a comment box and give specific instructions for your editor. E.g. if you want a specific area of a scene color graded, tap-and-comment on that area and your editor will know exactly what to do!

You get unlimited video requests and revisions

Make as many revisions to your videos as you like. When a video has the look and feel you want, you can simply mark it as complete and submit your next video request.

On the fence? Try it today with our 14 day money-back guarantee

If for any reason you don't think we're a good fit, simply drop us an email and we'll give you 100% of your money back - no questions asked.

Get your videos edited 14 day money-back guarantee
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"Video Husky has increased our capacity, by allowing us to produce new videos and content at a higher rate than we could ever do alone."

Michael Blankenship, Northeastern Seminary

"I was able to produce a 50 video course which would have usually taken me 12 months. And it just wouldn't have happened before Video Husky." Amy Feierman,

How we make it easy for you

100GB cloud storage

100GB free cloud storage

In case you don't have your own cloud storage solution, we offer 100GB of complimentary storage space on OneDrive.

Create 30 minute videos

Create 30 minute videos

Want to create 60 minute videos with us? You can add on a double video length allowance at any time

YouTube/Vimeo uploads

YouTube/Vimeo uploads

If you have a YouTube Business or Vimeo Pro account, we can publish your videos for you at no extra charge.

Your own editing team there for you at the ready

See pricing

You can work with us month-to-month or semi-annual, with the freedom to cancel at any time.

Let us seamlessly fit into your video creation process and we'll save you hundreds of hours on editing.

And if you want to get more out of Video Husky, you can always choose from a range of director chair add-ons to spruce up your videos.

Let us take your editing workload off your hands

Meet your new personal video editing team today.

Get your videos edited 14 day money-back guarantee