Self Care Isn't Selfish Signage

From Hustle to Health: Rethinking Productivity for Content Creators

In today’s digital landscape, the concept of “hustling” is often glorified as the ultimate pathway to success, especially among content creators. The narrative suggests that relentless work and an always-on mentality are the keys to achievement and recognition. However, this approach to productivity can lead to burnout, diminished creativity, and a disconnect from personal well-being. […]

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Overcoming Anxiety in the Spotlight: Lessons from Holly Lee 

In the world of live streaming, content creation, and high-stakes interviews, anxiety is a common, yet often unspoken, challenge. Episode #47 of “The Videocraft Show,” featuring career coach Holly Lee, provides a refreshing and insightful look into this issue. In a candid conversation with us, Holly delves into the nuances of anxiety and pressure in […]

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Navigating the Mental Health Struggles of Content Creation 

Creating content can be a difficult and stressful process. Content creators face a unique set of challenges, from the mental health struggles of content creation to the challenges of maintaining creator mental health. In this blog post, we will explore how to navigate the mental health struggles of content creation. We will discuss strategies for […]

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