There’s a balance of working and playing. And you want to make sure you’re not burning yourself out with different things. It’s definitely tricky – just trying to keep it exciting for yourself and for everyone else…

Andrew Hales

Viewers all over the world know this week’s guest as the “King of Awkward”. But there’s much more to Andrew Hales than that.

Andrew is the creator behind the long-running YouTube channel LAHWF. The name of his channel is an acronym for  the phrase Losing All Hope Was Freedom, which many of you might know from the movie Fight Club. 

Andrew started his YouTube career in 2012, rising to internet fame thanks to his hidden camera experiments that went viral. He racked up millions of views by filming videos featuring himself and strangers in awkward social situations.

In 2017, Andrew began filming the “Chatting With” series, which features conversations with a diverse lineup of guests. Past interviewees include fellow YouTube personalities such as Graham Stephan, an expert on narcissism, and even an ex-convict, too.

Aside from pranks and interviews, Andrew’s tried his hand at scripted content and he’s even  given vlogging a go, too. At the moment, Andrew is focusing most of his efforts on creating vlogs of his day-to-day life while he and his girlfriend vagabond around America for the next few months.

In this episode of The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky, Jon Santiago talks with Andrew about:

  • Tim Ferriss’s influence on Andrew and what it was like to collaborate with him.
  • The era of creating prank videos on YouTube.
  • How he conducts interviews for his Chatting With series.
  • Creating content you like versus creating content the audience likes.
  • The advice he would give his younger self about becoming a YouTuber.

And much more…

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