“Writing is hard work. A clear sentence is no accident. Very few sentences come out right the first time, or even the third time. Remember this in moments of despair. If you find that writing is hard, it’s because it is hard.”

William Zinnser, On Writing Well

We’re in need of writers to write content for our blog. You would create articles that are informational and at times SEO-friendly. Some pieces would be based on interviews we conduct with relevant experts.

Subjects and topics will focus on video production. Our target audience is mostly independent content creators and influencers.

This is a freelance, contract role.

The Main Skills We’re Looking For…

  • Clear Thinking: You can convey the key points of an article with simplicity and zero fluff.
  • Embraces Editing: You’re open to constructive feedback. You’re the kind of writer who knows that your first draft is never your final draft.
  • Responsive: We won’t assign deadlines without checking with you on your schedule. But once they’re agreed upon, we expect you to deliver when you say you will.

Bonus Points For Anyone With…

  • A Journalism Background
  • SEO Knowledge
  • Understanding of Content Strategy

Interested? Then, please fill out the form below.