“It’s not something we’re going to get burned out on. It’s still being creative and pushing ourselves, but… this feels much more natural, because it’s something that we’re already so passionate about and just doing every day anyway.”

That High Couple, Alice and Clark Campbell

When it comes to content creation, a common piece of advice you’ll hear is to make stuff you care about. Why waste time creating things you’re only mildly interested in?

That’s a concept that this week’s guests on The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky took to heart in their own journey as creators.

Alice and Clark Campbell are the duo behind the popular YouTube channel and Instagram account That High Couple. Since 2016, the husband and wife team have been breaking stereotypes and educating viewers with their thoughtful, professional, and passion-driven content about the wide world of cannabis.

Their joy for cannabis shines through in the videos they produce. And they’ve struck a chord with a niche audience, which includes close to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and 30,000-plus followers on Instagram. The L.A. Times even described Alice and Clark’s videos as having an “ebullient, energetic banter, and couple-at-cocktail party vibe”.

In this episode, Alice and Clark chat with Jon Santiago about:

  • Experimenting in other niches before deciding to follow their passion in cannabis.
  • If content is king, why consistency is queen.
  • How much time they dedicate to their titles and thumbnails.
  • How outsourcing video editing has been helpful to their workflow.
  • The different buckets of content they create for the channel.
  • How to choose the right collaborations as content creators.
  • The experience of almost losing their channel due to YouTube’s three-strikes policy.

And much more…

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