“I have a community now and it’s beautiful. They’re just really, really good people. And so they’re the ones that are helping shape the direction I go…”

Nomadic Gaijin

Ever wonder what it’s like to see Japan through the eyes of a foreign transplant? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to hear from this week’s guest on The Videocraft Show Presented by Video Husky.

Luke is the creator behind the up-and-coming YouTube channel Nomadic Gaijin. He’s a California-bred Gaijin (which is Japanese for foreigner) who’s lived in the land of the rising sun for more than a decade. After spending most of his career in education, he’s now shifted his focus on creating videos, chronicling all the adventures and sights that Japan has to offer.

In this episode, Luke chats with Jon Santiago about where he’s at on his creator journey, which only began in 2020. They discuss:

  • How he thinks about creating content as a small YouTuber in a very popular niche. Luke isn’t the only expat vlogging about their experience living in Japan.
  • What motivated him to keep creating despite little progress with subscribers and views in his first several months on YouTube.
  • What made him decide to finally start creating content after years of contemplation.
  • Why livestreaming on Reddit has been critical for the growth of his channel.
  • How creating has led him to organically build a community of loyal followers.

And much more…

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