When you just boil it down to tactics, you, a lot of times, suck your own life and personality out of (your content). And you may grow your business from that. I’m not saying you can’t. But I think that it’s doing a disservice to yourself, and to the viewer, to be honest.

Because if I’m going to buy something from you, I want to know more about you. What are you all about? Why do you even care about the business that you have? Why is this important to you? All those “why” questions just make such a bigger difference.

Lennon Bone

Making a living as a creative doesn’t have to be so hard. That is the message that this week’s guest on The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky is championing.

Lennon Bone is a creator and YouTube Strategist. In 2019, he joined Tim Schmoyer (guest No. 16 of this very podcast) over at Video Creators. And since then he’s helped fellow creators, small business owners, and brands multiply the growth of their channels in a matter of months.

Lennon has also built and monetized a small but loyal audience on YouTube, where he shares his musings, insights, and learnings on business and creativity. As a former professional musician, Lennon is inspired to help other artists like himself change the way they see their worth and establish careers they actually care about.

In this episode, Lennon and Jon Santiago talk about:

  • The importance of approaching the creator economy with a service-based mindset.
  • Dealing with the ups and downs of creating content on YouTube.
  • Why focusing on technical tactics isn’t everything in YouTube strategy.
  • The value of having a small community.
  • The value of hiring people who can help you as a creator, plus how he’s done it.

And much more…

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