“Sharing (the messy parts of travel) I think is important along with sharing the beautiful b-roll as well. Because otherwise a lot of people will go travel and think it’s going to be a certain way. And I never want to show that kind of unrealistic perception of a place. But it is hard as a content creator because you also want the video to look nice. So it’s always like this internal struggle figuring out where to be raw and real and then where to just do that beautiful cinematic content.”

Laura Reid

Laura Reid is a travel vlogger and videographer who hails from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Since 2013, Laura has been creating content on YouTube, originally focusing on her interests in fashion and lifestyle – all while pursuing a degree in psychology at the University of British Columbia.

But after graduating, the travel bug bit her hard. And before entering the work world, she explored the real world first, backpacking for six months throughout Southeast Asia. After a brief stint with a marketing agency upon returning back home, she took the plunge into working for herself in 2017 and she hasn’t looked back since.

In this week’s episode of The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky, Jon connects with Laura and chats with her about…

  • What inspired her to get on the road and how travel impacted her approach to life.
  • Her thoughts on curating the beautiful and messy parts of travel.
  • The logistics and challenges behind building an eCommerce business as a creator.
  • What she’s learning about creating content on TikTok.
  • The importance of adapting to how platforms change.

And much more…

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