“I feel like, for a long time, we were like we want to have this many downloads, blah-blah-blah, and we pulled the number literally out our butts. And now we’re just much more focused on the people that actually really love our show. How can we serve them in a deeper way? How can we connect with them in a deeper way? And then your mission becomes more clear.”

Krista Williams

This week, we have the second part of a special two-part podcast. We welcome Krista Williams, the co-founder and co-host of Almost 30, a top 50 podcast, global brand, and community. If you missed part one with Krista’s co-host, Lindsey Simcik, definitely check that out, too. We’ve included a link to that episode in the show notes!

After building a career in digital marketing, sales, and strategy at Fortune 100 companies, Krista scaled Almost 30 from the ground up to where it is today. Since its founding in 2016, her podcast has been listened to and downloaded more than 30 million times while earning recognition from outlets such as iHeartRadio, Entrepreneur, GirlBoss, Buzzfeed, and more.

Aside from Almost 30, Krista is the creator of It’s Krista, her personal blog where she offers her honest takes on health, wellness, spirituality, and style. She’s also become a leading speaker at a variety of events, including POPSUGAR Play/Ground, Create & Cultivate, and Podcast Movement.

In this episode of The Videocraft Show Presented by Video Husky, Jon continues with Krista where his conversation with Lindsey left off. Jon talks with Krista about a host of topics including:

  • The importance of learning to create for the sake of creation rather than external validation.
  • The value of building an events-based arm to your creator business.
  • How Almost 30 thinks about hiring and scaling a team for their creator business.
  • The positive side and negative side of social media.
  • Canceling cancel culture.

And much more…

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