Want to make your home studio setup look like a Hollywood production? Then, this episode of The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky is for you!

Kevin Shen is the founder of Dream Studio Course, a step-by-step course teaching video creators about the principles of home studio design. Kevin offers Dream Studio Course in three different formats – a self-directed course, 1-on-1 coaching, as well as a cohort-based program, which has proven to be most popular among his customers.

Kevin has more than a decade of experience under his belt as a creator. From mental health to his knowledge around video production, he’s covered a wide range of topics on his channel which has amassed up to 30,000 subscribers.

In this final episode (yes, you heard that right) of The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky, Kevin and host Jon Santiago discuss:

  • How listening to his audience on YouTube spawned the business idea for Dream Studio Course.
  • The common constraints that stop most creators from building their own dream studios.
  • What you can expect from Kevin’s program if you decide to sign up…

And much more!

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Production Credits

  • Producer/Editor: Gio Fernandez
  • Graphics: Paolo Lopez

Podcast Main Points

1. Have a clear vision and intention for what you want your content to do; don’t just follow what other people are doing without questioning whether it works for you or not.

2. Treat creating content as an entrepreneur, instead of a solo creator.

3. Invest in systems that will help you collect footage in a reliable way, even when you don’t feel like it.

4. Utilize a content calendar so that ideas are always waiting for you when needed.

5. Leverage the asset of your studio with your team or by yourself to create massive amounts of content.

6. Don’t be afraid to outsource certain tasks, such as editing, to highly talented professionals who can do the work for you faster and more efficiently than if you did it alone.

7. Be mindful of the system rather than just focusing on the next video project or product launch at hand – consider how each individual piece fits into the larger puzzle or ecosystem that is your business strategy and long-term success plan.

8. Consider how different types of media (e-mails, blogs, videos etc.) can be used together to produce higher results than any one type alone – think synergistically rather than individually!

9. Use existing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and other social media websites to share and promote your content – if done correctly these can open up new pathways to success!

10. Finally, use analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Creative Cloud software suites to track progress and evaluate results for both short-term wins and long-term goals alike!