Think you can’t make a living as a content creator with a small audience? 

Think again.

Our guest this week on The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky is living proof that you can build a career as a creator with an audience of fewer than 100,000 YouTube subscribers!

Kelly Driscoll is a creator who’s built a small but loyal following around beauty content. Kelly focuses specifically on the verticals of skincare and k-beauty, discussing them in the context of self care and mental health.

After starting and giving up on YouTube close to a decade ago, Kelly came back to the platform in 2018 and has posted two videos a week ever since. With just over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and close to 25,000 followers on Instagram, she’s built a sustainable career for herself as a content creator.

In this episode, Jon Santiago speaks with Kelly about her almost decade-long journey to build her YouTube career. They also discuss:

  • The difference between being process-oriented versus results-oriented as a creator.
  • Milestones that signaled to her that she was headed in the right direction on YouTube.
  • Where she earns the majority of her revenue as a creator (Hint: it’s not from brand deals).

And much more…

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