I remember this conversation that I had with my friends that my goal (was) to make $1 a day.

Kai Andrew

Want to learn how to live life on your own terms? Our guest on this week’s episode of The Videocraft Show Presented by Video Husky can show you how.

Kai Andrew is a YouTube creator who teaches viewers how to make the most out of their 20s and 30s so they don’t have to work until they’re 65. At 27, Kai left behind a lucrative career that earned him $200,000 a year at its peak. He was able to walk away thanks to a frugal lifestyle spent saving and investing most of his income in his 20s.

Some of Kai’s most popular videos detail his experiences in real estate investing. Kai is a self-taught investor and developer, who built his own shipping container home without a builder and a mortgage. Aside from YouTube, he spends most of his time growing his property management and consulting business as well as hitting the waves with his surfboard.

 In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • The importance of being resourceful and how he learned this growing up as the son of Vietnamese refugees.
  • The books that have impacted how he thinks and approaches life.
  • How a curiosity around building houses kick-started his journey as a YouTuber.
  • How Kai runs an online community on Discord for his YouTube viewers.
  • His definition of YouTube success.

And much more…

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