“It’s been really hard. But I also know, it’s very important. And so I’m okay if it’s a little bumpy for a minute (in order to) come out the other end understanding what I need to do (to be successful).”

Jessica Stansberry

When it comes to building an audience on YouTube, growth isn’t always guaranteed – even if you’re consistent. There are many times throughout the journey when you’ll hit a plateau.

So what do you do when that happens? Our guest on this week’s episode of The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky has some thoughts.

Jessica Stansberry is a solopreneur and content creator based in North Carolina. With over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, she’s made a comfortable living by sharing her knowledge with people about digital marketing, project management, and sales automation.

In spite of her success, Jessica finds herself in the predicament we described above. But she’s not just sitting around, hoping and waiting for the YouTube algorithms to change in her favor. Instead, Jessica’s experimenting with new approaches to her content to re-engage her audience.

In this episode, Jessica talks with host Jon Santiago about what those strategies are. They also discuss:

  • Where her path to running her own business started and how she pivoted into infopreneurship and content creation.
  • The value of injecting your personality into your videos and why that can keep viewers coming back to your channel.
  • What trend hacking is and why it’s a valuable tactic for growing your audience on YouTube.
  • How she uses the 80-20 Rule for calls-to-action on social media.
  • Why embracing pressures is helpful for growth.

And much more…

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