“I don’t know how I would have survived doing it alone. Because when you do it with someone else, I think you just have that person who you can always check in with.”

Kiimmy Kimani

On the surface, James Hobbs and Kiimmy Kimani might seem like your average, 20-something-year-old couple. But in 2017, their relationship took center stage when they decided to launch their own YouTube channel.

Four years and over 14,000,000 views later, James and Kiimmy are going strong. In fact, they’ve managed to grow an engaged and dedicated fanbase of over 175,000 subscribers at the time of this video.

From challenges and reactions to stories and Q&As, James and Kiimmy’s eponymous YouTube channel features a mix of content. But at the heart of every video is their down-to-earth relatability that you can’t help but admire and keeps you hooked with every video.

In this conversation, James and Kimmy talk to host Jon Santiago about:

  • How they met through Snapchat.
  • The value of finding a talent manager to handle sponsorship and business deals (plus how they found theirs).
  • Deciding which parts of their lives to share or keep private as YouTube creators.
  • The importance of taking breaks as content creators and how to know when to take them.
  • Being able to understand each other better through content creation.
  • Planning the future and evolution of their YouTube channel.

And much more…

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