By Tim Wenger

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Owen Hemsath is no stranger to the hustle of entrepreneurship. As a video production consultant, he has built a successful business helping entrepreneurs, real estate specialists, finance professionals, and creators showcase their expertise on the world’s leading video platform — YouTube.

Owen began offering his services back in 2012, often going door-to-door on the streets of San Diego to drum up clients the old fashioned way. His pitch was simple — leverage his knack for video production with a budding talent for digital marketing to give people an online presence.

“I was getting a real education on how to systematize video. How to move video from ideation to creation in as little steps and as little dollars as possible.”  

As his business grew, it became too much to handle on his own. To fix this, Owen began outsourcing the editing to third parties. He hired local editors, he tried remote editors from far-flung locations, but he kept having the same problem — the editors he’d bring in would flake, often right in the middle of a big project when he needed them the most.

But then Owen found out about Video Husky after seeing some of their ads on Facebook. When another editing company he worked with failed to meet their commitments, again and again, Owen decided to give Video Husky a try. He hasn’t looked back since.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What separates Video Husky from similar services
  • Why Owen trusts Video Husky even with his high volume of work
  • How Video Husky makes it super easy to track and monitor the process of each project

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Why Owen Trusts Video Husky

While their marketing got his attention, what kept Owen around was the systematized process Video Husky had in place from the get-go.

Owen notes, “I have done every manner of assembly line, conveyor belt editing. But Video Husky has really done a good job at putting that process into place where anybody who doesn’t edit currently or have any editing skills can give a piece of video to an editor and get an amazing piece of video.”

Video Husky’s standard operating procedures make it easy for Owen to track and monitor the process of each project. “I got a visual dashboard that shows me exactly where we were on the project,” he says.

With this simple user interface, Owen is able to provide notes and feedback on edits right in the video, as if he were commenting in real-time. And because Video Husky’s editors are in the Philippines, Owen feels like he has a 24-hour production studio.

He can wake up to a new video that’s 80% of the way where it needs to be. “I film during the day and I give it to Video Husky at night.”

Powering His Business Forward

Now, Owen takes that perk and passes it to his clients.

Many Video Husky users work only with one dedicated editor. Owen’s immense client base gives him the freedom to recommend Video Husky to individual clients as needed, each paired with their own dedicated editor. Owen coaches them through the process, offering his advice and best practices for getting the most from the service.

In total, he has worked with 10 or 12 Video Husky editors to turn around top-notch videos on tight deadlines for his clients, with Owen overseeing their progress.

“It’s a whole training we do on how to outsource anything,” he says.

Like the clients he serves, Owen runs a YouTube channel himself. His content centers around tips on how to produce better video. With Video Husky handling the editing, he’s been able to create more content, which in turn creates more inventory he leverages in exchange for sponsorships.

“Unless I had a Video Husky editor ready to take on that extra work, there’s no way I’d be able to get that done,” he says.

Using Video Husky helps Owen optimize the revenue on his YouTube channel because he doesn’t have to worry about adding additional projects to his personal workload when a new sponsor or client comes on board.

“It’s not just about how many videos I’ve done with video Husky it’s that I was able to do more and sell those videos for more,” he says.

How Owen gets the most out of Video Husky

Owen’s biggest tip for new Video Husky users is to treat their editors like an employee. Owen encourages new users to try Video Husky for at least a few months in order to build a rapport with the editor and develop a consistent workflow. Only then can you really see whether or not the service is the right fit.

Approaching Video Husky as an investment saves producers the hassle of churning and burning editors, something many in the video world can’t seem to get away from.

“They get upset and they fire their editor after every bad decision is made…So you’re working with new editors all the time who don’t know if you’re going to keep them around.”

“You’ve got to train them like staff,” he says of the dedicated project managers and editors that Video Husky provides their customers. “You need to onboard them onto what you’re doing. You need to share with them your brand assets and your vision.”

By doing so, your editor can learn how you and your team work, and gain a feel for the narrative voice that each video must get across.

Because Owen was experienced with both editing and working alongside other editors before he ever signed up with Video Husky, he had a smooth transition into working with his dedicated editor.

“We give our Video Husky editor the chance to do her best work and she does amazing,” he says. “I write (my editor) and I just say like, Hey, did you understand my notes? Did it make sense to you?”

Video Husky has edited an abundance of videos for Owen and in addition, provided a base for him to give his clients an easy road to scalability. That’s enabled Owen to boost revenue, grow subscribers, and increase views for both him and the people coaches.

“Video Husky has never let me down,” Owen says. “They have delivered on the promise of their service every single time.”

Tim Wenger is a journalist and author based in Colorado. Learn more about him by visiting his website.

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