“Think about where you want to be 10 years into being a creator and that will be your measuring stick.”

Desiree Martinez

Desiree Martinez is the founder of All in One Social Media, an online marketing agency that helps companies leverage social media. She’s also the host of the popular Women of YouTube Podcast, a show that spotlights the unique experiences and challenges faced by female video creators.

In this episode of The Videocraft Show, she chats with Jon Santiago about the cross-section between business and content. Among the topics they discuss include:

  • Why the 2008 financial collapse turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her career as a marketer and content creator.
  • Building a business around the mission of employing military spouses.
  • How she generates leads for his agency by creating problem-solving YouTube content.
  • Why it’s important for YouTbe creators to build other sources of income outside of Google Adsense.
  • How she juggles her many projects as the wife of a military veteran, mother, and content marketer.

And much more…

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