“I think it helps not to get caught up in the what-if, but just to do it, for intrinsic reasons, because you feel a passion, because you feel like something in this idea is so potent, that I can’t not do it.”

Bernadette Banner

This week’s guest on The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky transformed her passion for a history of fashion into a platform of more than a million YouTube subscribers (and growing).

Bernadette Banner is a historian, filmmaker, and creator. She’s most known for her YouTube videos documenting her insights on historic English and American fashion, mostly from the Victorian era.

Bernadette is an alum of NYU’s Tisch Drama School of Arts, where she finished her work in 2017. She also studied at the School of Historical Dress in London, working on reconstruction and publication projects. Bernadette also spent time working in costume design on Broadway for well-renowned shows such as Aladdin and Annie.

In this conversation, Bernadette and host Jon Santiago discuss many topics, including:

  • How she conducts research for her videos and why it actually never ends.
  • How she thinks about allocating her time for the variety of platforms she’s active on.
  • The costs that creators like her have to pay when they become public figures with massive audiences.
  • Being fearless and going after what you want.
  • How she defines success for her YouTube channel.

And much more.

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