“One thing that keeps me going is a lot of the comments and interactions that I get on social media, and through YouTube, where people are telling me like, ‘Oh, I love your channel, I’ve been making a few recipes a week, these are our new favorite things that we’re cooking, we’re eating in more, we’re not taking out so much.’ And that makes me think that I’m leaving, like a positive impact in this world.”

Angelo Todaro

By day, Angelo Todaro is a New Jersey-based health coach. From NFL players to suburban moms, he’s trained a wide variety of clientele in his decade as an elite trainer and consultant. 

But on the side, Angelo is a burgeoning chef with a YouTube channel that has grown to over 30,000 subscribers. Since 2017, Angelo has been entertaining and educating the masses with his in-depth cooking tutorials of healthy and delicious dishes.

In this conversation on The Videocraft Show Presented by Video Husky, Jon Santiago goes into the weeds with Chef Ange about building a flourishing cooking channel on YouTube. They discuss:

  • The lessons he’s learned from professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and UFC that he applies to his journey as a content creator.
  • The technical nitty-gritty of creating content for his YouTube channel, including his advice for shooting videos with a multi-cam setup
  • The importance of finding mentors along the way as a creator (plus how to connect with them).
  • Optimizing his YouTube thumbnails and titles.

And so much more!

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