“What I’m currently really investing time thinking into is how can I just be more present and be content with who I am as a person and my life and not based my worth on what I am outputting and how much I am picking off of my to-do list every day? I think that will probably be a lifelong struggle for me.”

Abbey Howe

In the journey of becoming a creator, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is yourself.

On this week’s episode of The Videocraft Show Presented by Video Husky, Jon Santiago speaks with YouTube creator Abbey Howe. Since the end of 2019, Abbey’s YouTube channel has grown to a little more than 30,000 subscribers at the time of this recording, thanks to an eclectic mix of comedic sketches as well as thoughtful commentary on the ever-important subject of “knowing thyself”.

In this conversation, Jon and Abbey discuss many things, including how she comes up with ideas for her channel as well as how a background in theater led her to YouTube. But the heart of this particular conversation centers around tackling the low moments of being a creator. In this episode, they talk about:

  • Dealing with self-doubt and insecurity as a creator.
  • The difficulty of detaching your self-worth to your metrics and numbers.
  • The uncertainty around knowing when to give up versus when to keep going as a creator.
  • The importance of having someone who holds you accountable for your goals.
  • How having a creative outlet makes you a happier person.

And much more…

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