“I’m a big proponent of honesty. Being completely 100% transparent and honest. So I try to be as real as possible when I discuss my ideas…”

Tom Kuegler

Should you be more opinionated as a content creator? This week’s guest excels at making bold statements through his content.

Tom Kuegler is the creator behind the YouTube channel, Finding Tom. With close to 150,000 subscribers at the time of this podcast, Tom has created videos around a host of subjects. But the topic that gets the most of his attention on his channel these days is his deep appreciation for the Philippines.  

Aside from vlogs, Tom is also an accomplished blogger. Tom has more than 50,000 followers on Medium. He is also the founder of the Medium publication: The Post-Grad Survival Guide which has over 40,000 readers. Aside from Medium, Tom has also earned bylines from publications such as HuffPost, Elite Daily, and Thought Catalog.

 In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How struggling to build a traditional career after graduating college put Tom on the path to becoming a creator.
  • The brutal sport he competed in that taught him valuable lessons still relevant to him today.
  • How finding success in blogging translated to success in video.
  • The impact that travel (in particular in the Philippines) has had on his life.
  • Why Tom believes it’s important that creators think hard about giving back to their audience.

And much more…

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