“I realized that reaction videos are just brilliant because (they’re) so relatable. Like if you enjoy the song, you can watch that and enjoy a critique of the song.”

Lolli Wren aka The Fairy Voice Mother

If you can talk, you can sing. That is the belief of this week’s guest on The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky.

Lolli Wren AKA The Fairy Voice Mother is a singer, songwriter, producer, and vocal coach based in London, England. And now add YouTuber to the mix. She started her YouTube channel in the summer of 2020 and in just about a year’s time, she’s managed to grow her audience to a little more than 50,000 subscribers.

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Lolli has been singing since she was 11 and never took any real private lessons herself. In fact, most of what she knows about singing she learned through experimentation. But Lolli would later go on to train contemporarily at university, earning a bachelor of music (with honors) in vocal performance. And these days, she’s thrilled to pass on the lessons she’s learned from her experiments and uni to eager students.

In this episode, Lolli and Jon Santiago talk about:

  • Her fascination with sound at an early age and how that led to her career in music.
  • Her approach to creating reaction videos that are entertaining and educational at the same time.
  • YouTube as a referral engine for her thriving vocal coaching business.
  • Dealing with perfectionism and anxiety through meditation.

And so much more.

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