Thinking about becoming a content creator, but don’t know what to create? If you’ve got kids, maybe you should try turning to TikTok as a parent for inspiration.

That’s what one Maryland-based mom decided to do in 2020. And as a result of sharing the funny things her kids say on TikTok, she’s attracted more than a million followers.

Laleh Jennings is a video creator who can be found through her handle @inamotherworld. On a near-daily basis, Laleh creates and posts content that offers a lighthearted peek into her life as a millennial mom of four.

In this episode of The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky, Laleh talks with Jon Santiago about how her life has changed since blowing up on TikTok. They also discuss:

  • The importance of giving kids their space when it comes to creating content seen by millions of people.
  • How she’s learned to be more confident as a content creator.
  • How she repurposes moments in her day-to-day life as a mom by recreating them into videos for TikTok.
  • Being intentional with making sponsored content.

And much more…

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