“I’m a super small YouTuber…but I’ll still go places like Yosemite and get recognized by people… Knowing that you’re kind of taking your children into that realm of people knowing who they are…it’s something that you have to think about a lot. It’s hard to know what the right decision is to make with that in terms of limiting the amount of exposure…”

Josh McNair

Josh McNair is the creator behind California Through My Lens, a YouTube channel and blog centered around travel in the Golden State. It’s Josh’s love letter to his home state and chronicles all the best hikes, drives, food, and more that California has to offer.

California Through My Lens began as a passion project that Josh started to fulfill his desire to create something he owned. It was also his way to document his short, but inexpensive weekend trips around California while encouraging others to do the same.

On YouTube alone, it has generated more than 28 million views from people all across the globe. It’s also earned attention from press outlets such as the LA Times, SF Gate, and Good Morning America.

On this episode of The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky, Jon Santiago chats with Josh about:

  • How California Through My Lens evolved from photoblog into YouTube channel.
  • How his style of traveling and vlogging will have to evolve now that he has kids.
  • His process behind creating a long-form documentary on traveling Route 66 with his dad.
  • The importance of practicing humility as a content creator.
  • Balancing the private and public-facing side of his life as a creator.

And much more…

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