“It really is my primary way of creating content. And I have a lot less nerves sitting down to live stream twice a week than I do to sit down and record the podcast or sit down and record like a video for upload.”

Emily D. Baker

Looking for a legal take on news and pop culture that’s informative, educational, and entertaining? Then look no further than Emily D. Baker.

Emily has a sassy and smart approach to legal commentary, and it’s drawn thousands of fans to her YouTube Channel. In May 2021, she reached an important milestone in her creator journey when she reached 100,000 YouTube subscribers.

Now she has been creating content on YouTube for a while – five years to be exact. But it wasn’t until recently that her channel really took off. In 2020, she skyrocketed to YouTube fame by committing herself to become one of the platform’s top legal commentators. In fact, since then, her videos have been referenced and featured by other big-name creators such as Phil DeFranco and the H3 podcast.

Emily brings a wealth of legal experience to social media. Before YouTube, she spent 10 years as a deputy district attorney with the Los Angeles County DA’s office. She left her career as a lawyer behind in 2017 and since then built a sustainable business for herself as a creator and solopreneur.

In this episode of The Videocraft Show presented by Video Husky, Jon Santiago chats with Emily about

  • How she stayed motivated as a creator when her channel was smaller.
  • Her decision to niche down her channel and focus on legal commentary.
  • Building her community through live streaming.
  • Building systems to get organized with content creation.
  • Her skill for breaking down complex topics.
  • Managing and setting expectations for YouTube.

And much more…

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