It’s just been slow grinding it out. There’s never been a huge inflection point.

Doug Cunnington

In this week’s podcast, Jon connects with Doug Cunnington, founder of Niche Site Project, a go-to-resource for anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing. Aside from being an internet marketer, Doug is also a content creator. Along with his website and podcast, Doug’s built an audience on YouTube by teaching affiliate marketing.

In this episode, Doug and Jon discuss a host of topics including:

  • How he creates YouTube videos by repurposing content he’s made for other platforms.
  • How live streaming differs from creating edited videos.
  • Why it’s important to him to drive his YouTube viewers to his email list.
  • The value of posting YouTube videos daily.
  • How he prepares for interviews and the method he uses in asking the right questions.

And much more…

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