By Jon Santiago

Brian White - Blue Fuse Realty

As a realtor based in North Texas, Brian White knows firsthand the impact that YouTube can have on an agent’s bottom line. 

Since starting his channel in 2016, video has created opportunities for Brian to reach prospects he would’ve never met before. Folks from California, Oregon, and Washington have turned to him for help after discovering the wealth of knowledge he shares on YouTube.

“People that are reaching out are saying, ‘Hey, I’ve watched hours of your video content, and will you help me?’” Brian said.

Not only has video helped Brian generate more leads, but it’s also helped him generate more of the right leads, too.  By embracing and showcasing his personality, he’s attracted the kinds of clients he enjoys working with most.

But in spite of all the benefits that YouTube has afforded him, there’s one thing about video that has often been a major hurdle.


As a business owner and sales leader, Brian is at his best when he’s dedicating most of his time to helping his clients. And the countless hours he’d had to spend editing his own videos took away from that.

With that in mind, Brian turned to Video Husky.

In this article, you’ll learn how we save Brian a minimum of 16 hours per month by editing his videos. You’ll also find out:

  • Why Brian chose Video Husky over other editing solutions.
  • How Brian is able to generate more content thanks to outsourcing his editing needs.

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Life Before Video Husky

Self-editing took up more of his time than he liked. He always felt this nagging feeling that there was something he could tweak or do better, which often prevented him from publishing faster.

“I was always chasing perfect when the video was maybe already good enough,”  Brian said.

Brian was humble enough to recognize that there were people out there more skilled than him at editing. With that in mind, he sought to hire a professional so that he could focus on his strengths as a real estate agent.

Brian tried working with another company before Video Husky, but he wasn’t happy with the results. They didn’t give the impression that they were listening to his feedback.

He also tried working with freelance editors, but that posed its own challenges, too. Brian had no safety net to fall back on when his freelancers weren’t available to take on a new project.

“The thing about a freelancer is it’s one person,” Brian said. “Any number of things could distract them from your work.”

Working With a Team He’s Grown to Trust

With Video Husky, Brian has peace of mind knowing that he has an editing team working for him. We provide him with a dedicated editor as well as a project manager who oversees the entire editing process. 

“Those people stay the same, so you can build a relationship with (them) over time,” Brian said. “They’re going to get better.”

Even when members of his team take time off, Brian doesn’t worry about falling behind. With a staff of editors and project managers in place, Video Husky always has someone ready to fill in when a client’s assigned team isn’t available. 

Brian’s found that his substitutes rarely miss a beat. With a history of projects logged in our system, a fill-in editor can look back at what a client’s dedicated editor has done before. This makes it easy to pick up right where the dedicated editor left off.

Unlike the last company he worked with, Brian also hasn’t had to worry about his feedback falling on deaf ears. For example, his team took his input in stride when they didn’t quite nail his vision in his first one to two requests.

By listening to Brian, his editor and project got better, faster, and closer to creating videos he was looking for. As a long-time client who’s worked with Video Husky since November 2020, he now often receives videos from his editor that require little to no revisions.

Freeing Up Time + Creating More Content = More Real Estate Sales for Brian

By working with a video editing service like Video Husky, Brian’s freed up an extra four hours of a week. Brian uses the time he would’ve spent editing himself to create more content that he can pass along to his team to work with.

For example, Brian hosts several live shows a week on his YouTube channel, covering a variety of topics related to the real estate market in North Texas. With Video Husky’s help, Brian extracts highlights from his live streams that he repurposes for sharing on other platforms, like Instagram Reels.

“The more content I can get out faster, the more people have potential to see me,” Brian said. 

And that’s led to more leads which have yielded Brian a large chunk of sales revenue from video leads alone.

“We will (have made) six figures from leads that found us on YouTube,” Brian said of his 2021 sales projections. “Folks that just raised their hand and said, ‘hey, will you help us?

“And I wouldn’t be able to do video at all without having an editor,” he added. “Without Video Husky’s help to make the video happen.”

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