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  • Take you through our service offerings, ways of working, and smooth operations.
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Pom plan

The perfect starter plan for your basic video editing needs.

Per month
  • Limited Revisions
  • Max rendered video running time: 10 Minutes
  • Max raw footage running time: 30 minutes
  • Max raw footage provided: 20 GB
  • 3 bonus exports per brief (i.e. reels or stories cut down)
  • -
  • Premium stock assets from Storyblocks & Motion Array
  • -
  • 1080p or less resolution
  • Color correction
  • Video editor
  • Account manager
  • Unlimited video request submissions
  • Turnaround time 1-2 business days*
  • 200 GB cloud storage
  • Adobe Premiere source files
  • Video edit revision tool
  • Dedicated project management workspace
  • Dedicated Slack channel for added collaboration

Ideal for: YouTube, video ads, talking head, real estate tours, and testimonials.


*depending on project complexity

Pom Plan Eskimo Plan

Ideal for:

Talking heads, Short-form video (Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts), real estate tours, ads, and testimonials. Everything in Pom plus casual vloggers, short interviews, and podcast highlights.


Limited Unlimited

Max rendered video running time

10 minutes 20 minutes

Max raw footage running time*

30 minutes 60 minutes

Max raw footage provided*

20 GB 40 GB


1080p or less 1080p or less

Bonus exports per brief (i.e. reels or stories cut down)

3 5

Premium stock music from Epidemic Sound

Premium stock assets from Storyblocks & Motion Array

Color grading**

Color correction

Video Editor

Account Manager

Unlimited video request submissions

Turnaround time 1-2 business days***

200 GB cloud Storage

Adobe Premiere source files

Video edit revision tool

Dedicated project management workspace

Dedicated Slack channel for easy collaboration

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How we edit your videos, step by step

Choose either a monthly or quarterly retainer

You don't have to worry whether you're getting the most value - we give you everything you need for one flat-fee. You can also choose from a range of production enhancing add-ons, including subtitles, thumbnails and more.

Book your customer onboarding call

After you've signed up, you'll schedule an onboarding call with someone from our success team. They'll walk you through how to use our project management dashboard and help you complete a personal bio, which our editing staff will reference when working on your videos.

See your new Project Dashboard

You'll be able to create your account on Wrike. Here you can submit your video projects and see their live status, communicate with your editing team, and use the video proofing tool.

Send us your Video Request Form to start your first project

Share a link to your footage and type the editing instructions into the form. You can also include example videos to help us get the look and feel you want.

We'll take up to 40GB of footage off your hands and turn it into your vision

While your personal editing team is happily working away in the background, you can focus clearly on doing the things that are important to you. Then your PM will quality-check your video before uploading it to your account.

You'll get your first draft in just 1-2 business days depending on complexity

Factors that influence the complexity of your project include how many exports you need, their resolution, amount and type of footage you send, and use of graphics.

Turnaround time may be longer to allow for more time to download, review, and export cuts.

Easily sync-up your video with your exact vision using the video proofing tool

When you're watching your first video draft, you can tap on any area of the video to open-up a comment box and give specific instructions for your editor. E.g. if you want a specific area of a scene color corrected, tap-and-comment on that area and your editor will know exactly what to do!

You get unlimited video requests

Submit as many video projects to us as you'd like. We'll work on one active project at a time in the order you requested.

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