“Patreon has been a real lifesaver. And it’s also been a great way to build a community. Everybody helps each other and nobody feels like they’re going out alone. We’re kind of like the, I guess, figureheads of it. But it’s really more about everybody else – all the other members – that really makes it such a valuable resource.”

JP of Amelia and JP

Have you ever thought of leaving everything you know behind and starting a new life abroad? This week’s guests on The Videocraft Show Presented By Video Husky did just that.

In 2017, Amelia and JP left their home in Denver, Colorado and sold everything they owned to move to Ecuador. In the process, they decided to launch a YouTube channel to document their adventures.

On their YouTube Channel, Amelia and JP offer viewers an inside look into their unconventional life in Latin America. In their videos, they share tips and inspiration for other expats thinking about living and working in Ecuador.

In this episode, host Jon Santiago chats with Amelia and JP about:

  • The major health scare they faced that prompted them to move abroad.
  • Tips and advice for negotiating deals with brands.
  • Their approach to building a thriving and sustaining community on Patreon and Discord.
  • Their strategies for promoting their YouTube channel.
  • Balancing YouTube with their day jobs.

And much more…

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