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In a brief 15-30 min Zoom session, we'll tackle your video editing questions, review your current content, discuss options to help you save time, create more videos and get more views TODAY!

Please note, we don't edit:

  • Wedding videos
  • Music videos
  • 3D animations
  • Offensive content

How we edit your videos, step by step

Choose either a monthly or discounted quarterly retainer

Dedicated Editor, dedicated project manager, stock footage, music, graphics, project management tool, systems and processes etc is all included - we give you everything you need for one flat-fee. Month to month contract.

Book your customer onboarding call

Once you sign up, you'll set up a brief welcome call with our success team. They'll guide you on using our project dashboard and assist you in setting up a client profile. Our editors will use this info to tailor your videos perfectly.

Submit your brief

Once you're onboarded, you can send your first brief using the template in our project tool. Type it out or send a screen recording – it's up to you. Just share a link to a folder with your raw footage and any inspiring examples, and we'll start crafting.

You'll receive your first draft within 1-3 business days

Once your video is ready for review, your project manager will alert you. Share your feedback, and we'll make the necessary adjustments.

Effortlessly align your video with your vision using our video proofing tool

While reviewing your initial video draft, simply tap any part of the video to leave a comment. For instance, if you want a scene's color adjusted, just tap and describe your preference. Your editor will know precisely how to proceed!

Submit unlimited video requests!

Send us all your video projects! We'll tackle them one by one

After you send a video request, we'll edit and make any changes you suggest to that project. Once approved, we move on to the next video.

*In the beginning two weeks, we might spend a little extra time on orders to get a feel for your style and content. But once that's done, we'll adhere to our standard delivery times. Delivering quality and ensuring your satisfaction is our mission.

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